Silence takes over my body.

No words comes out.

No noise is heard.

A smile forms on my lips.

Not because of happiness,

Not because of contentment

Because of the state I’m in.


I sit here all alone.


Knowing I should be happy

Why, you ask

Everything’s in my favor

I have what I want.

I have everything.

But, no.

I sit here all alone.

No smile on my face.

Still sad.

Still waiting.

Like an empty shell.

I wrote this at the point of my life when I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I had everything that should make me happy, that should make me feel content. I had my friends around me. I had my family finally supporting and being happy for me. I made a new bestfriend. I met someone special. But I couldn’t feel the emotion that I should be feeling.

I wrote this at the time when my friend suspected that I had depression. I never went to a doctor to check. I’m scared of finding out if I do have it. I wouldn’t know what to do.

I wrote this when I was all alone in my flat, when my roommate was out, with tears streaming down my face as I felt like nothing could make me feel better. I had my laptop in front of me with the Word open. I typed this poem down before I could even think about it.

It was last year. And until now, I still feel this way.

Nate here ;)

Hey guys! 😀

I’m Nate as you all can see at the title. Don’t worry. I’m just another wallflower here on Earth so just smile. I’m not one of those people that is well known. I lurk in the shadows. Too much information? Yeah. Sorry about that. All I want to say is that I’m one of you all and I just had an idea of writing a blog.

I know that there’s a huge possibility that no one would be able to find my blog but I like posting blogs and entries in the internet. And I think this would just be a diary on the internet for me.

If ever you stumble here, I sure hope that you would enjoy your stay here in my website and follow me for my other blog posts.

Signing out,

Nate xxx